Gasoline & Automotive Service Dealers of America


GASDA is a Retailer Operated Professional Trade Association serving Connecticut area Gasoline Retailers, Convenience Stores, Body Shops, Towing Operators and Independent Repair Shops. In its capacity as the unifying group and voice of members, the legal, legislative, public relations, and benefit needs are actively managed to help solve your business problems. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, operates according to by-laws, and is managed by an Executive Director. GASDA actively represents the shared interests of all of its members, as well as providing a support function for various sub-groups called Committees. All members are encouraged to participate. These sub-groups have more narrowly defined objectives to work specific issues of the Brand Committee members.

We welcome you to experience a new generation of automotive retailing association organized as a power base to pro-actively meet your needs and expectations. You can be active or passive as a member, but we won’t disappoint you. Please take the time to complete this form today. As a member, you also receive the Survivor Newsletter packed with important local and national information. We run a check with the State of Connecticut for all business in your name, so be honest as the more members we have, the lower dues can go. All expenses of running the Association are split by the size of the membership, the larger the group, the less everyone pays, and it’s that simple! Also, when Vendors want to Join GASDA they look at the total size of the Association.

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