August 25, 2011

Blast Email – Fax Communication Re: Gasoline Deliveries during Hurricane!

With the pending hurricane on the way the CT DOT has requested that all Distributors fill gasoline tanks! This will require a waiver for hours on the road and the ICPA along with GASDA has requested the DOT & DMV to grant this wavier!

With that said, as we all know the storm my come or the storm may not come and if it comes you most likely will sell the extra gas and if it does not come you most likely will not and then you will have draft issues. Our suggestion is to call your supplier NOW and work out these issues in advance. Communicate on the phone and follow up with emails if they say Yes to delayed drafts!

Also WATCH YOUR FILLS FOR WATER! Get water paste NOW do not wait! Check your tanks daily with water paste as is REQURIED by law. Do not think if your fills caps are not put back on tight by the delivery driver that you will not be responsible for the water in your tanks. We have seen this before! Get Veeder Route copies now showing zero water in your tanks! Check after ever single deliver no matter what time of the day or night it comes and if you get more than 1 inch of water after a delivery report it ASAP which means right after the delivery, not the next day after you have sold hundreds of gallons of possibly contaminated product to consumers! Sorry to tell you but it is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure contaminated product does not get pumped into your customers’ cars NO MATTER how it gets into the tanks!! Your fault or not your fault! Why you have water alarms now and that is what they are for!

Here is what we see – during heavy rain storms delivery drivers are human – they do not always put the caps back on and seal them. Heavy rain goes into your fill area and the caps pop off, water goes into the tanks, the next day after the rain has stopped, dealers go and look and no water or the water is below the fill because it has already gotten into the tanks!! Tell your employee’s to call you ASAP is a water alarm goes off and check it out then – even if at 3AM!! These are all suggestions on how to avoid issues with the pending storm and while they are a pain, following them will be much less of a pain if you get water in your tanks and pumped into your customers’ cars. Have seen this before and it is no fun!!