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New State of Connecticut Requirement to Sell Vapor Cigarettes and Products – DON’T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT YOUR NEW PERMIT!

New 2016 E- Cigs Registration- Where and How to get your Permit!

Celtic Bank

Celtic Bank – Loans to Purchase Stations, Replace Underground Tanks and Equipment!

ATS Environmental Service

ATS Environmental Service

ALL RETAILERS – Major Issue Regarding Underground Tank Insurance!

November 19, 2015
It has been reported to me by more than one insurance agent in the State that Ace Insurance Company, a major insurance writer for Underground Gasoline Tanks has just stopped writing Underground Tank Insurance for any Tanks that are 27-years old or more. Continue Reading…

What C-store Retailers Must Know About EMV Credit Cards!

By William McCollough, Heartland Payment Systems Prepard for GASDA, Inc.

Although there are more than 1.5 billion Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) cards deployed in more than 120 countries on four continents, the United States just started the long process of implementation in 2011. Responsibility shifts from credit and debit card vendors to U.S. retailers will take place before you know it. Continue Reading…

SOLD – Mobil Stations with Car Wash – C-Store & Bays Asking $425,00

Listing Info Mobil – Car Wash- C-Store – Bays

SOLD-Station For LEASE

Listing Info Mobil – Bays Express Lube 1-page

SOLD- Off Market Listing – Post Road Station for Sale with Property Asking $1,675.000

Listing Info Unbranded Off Market Listing