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ATTENTION All Gas Retailers
New Law Goes Into Effect January 1, 2017!

Minimum Wage Increase
Something that will directly affect residents is the increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from the current $9.60. Some state lawmakers are pushing for the minimum wage to go up to $15 an hour in the coming years.

Ban the Box

Employers will no longer be legally allowed to ask prospective employees about prior arrests, criminal charges or convictions in an initial employment application unless required to do so under state or federal law or if the employer must obtain a security or fidelity bond.

Another part of the act will establish a task force to study issues of employment opportunities for people with criminal histories.

The movement is commonly called “ban the box,” which refers to the check mark box on job applications that asks about prior convictions and arrests.

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ATTENTION All Mobil Retailers

It has come to our attention that Alliance/Global is now starting to send out the first new lease from your old Mobil leases. I have attached Section (B) of the Right of First Refusal Law which for most of you who DID NOT purchase your locations, this will be the section that is critically important.

Please read the Section (B) (SEE BELOW) carefully and then feel free to give me a call as this will affect all Mobil dealers in the State of Connecticut and something that should unite you all again. These new leases will put you out of business or at the very least, cripple your ability to not only make money, but devalue your current Franchise to almost nothing. This will be a battle and you must be prepared for it – if not all your value in your Franchise will be destroyed by these new leases.

While my review along with AJ Barr and John Morgan is not yet complete from what we have seen so far — these lease are devastating and cannot be explained as anything more than taking away what rights you have.

Thankfully we have Section B of the Right of First Refusal Law and united together will be able to work on getting this fixed. Now we must unite, learn from the past and fix the issue at hand. Please, please take the time to call and make sure every Mobil dealer is aware of this even if they have signed the lease already as they may not have known they had rights. This is not the time to say we are mad at any fellow Mobil dealer no matter what. This is the LAST time you will get a chance to fix this problem.

Call Email me so that I have current information as I will be starting a new list of Mobil dealers and need to verify that we have correct contact information. If you know someone has taken over another station send me a quick email so that can make sure I contact that new owner. The larger the group – the cheaper and stronger the force will be to correct this. Just because the law is there does not mean Alliance/Global will just obey it.

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New State of Connecticut Requirements for a Permit
to sell Vapor Cigarettes & Products! March 1, 2016 Deadline!

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Major Issue Regarding Underground Tank Insurance

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What a Retailer needs to Know about EMV Credit Card Compliance – What You Need To Know!

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New Laws Regarding Gasoline Nozzles – What You Need To Know!

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Any Retailers Selling Diesel Read This Now – Call or email the office if you have any questions or want a copy of the regulation!

Please share with your members/retail gasoline dealer’s C.G.S. Sec.16a-15(e). We continue to find retail gasoline stations are not aware of this statute that went into effect January 2014:

C.G.S. Sec.16a-15(e) Each person shall publicly display and maintain on each pump or other dispensing device from which any diesel fuel intended as a fuel for motor boats or motor vehicles is sold by such person, the minimum cetane number for such diesel fuel.

Thanks for your support,

Jim Turner
Supervisor Food & Standards Division
Department of Consumer Protection
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
860-713-6185 (O)
860-796-1308 (F)

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Video of Executive Director Michael J. Fox on how can $6.00 Retail Gasoline Prices Happen As He Testified at Congressional Hearings on High Gasoline Prices

Gov. Rell Underground Tank Bill

Gas Gouging Bill

Gov. Rell Discount for Cash Bill

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